Benefactor Benefits

A wise old African saying reflects life in Zimbabwe today:

“When elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled. But it does not die; it simply grows again with the next rains.”
When investing in unstable 3rd world economies, investors worry about the risks. Too often these risks are overwhelming and the monies invested are swallowed up in worthless and impractical schemes.

The Shangani Sanctuary is not one of these. The embryo has existed and thrived since long before 1980, showing financial success and resilience throughout the politically turbulent and economically tough years.

The Shangani Sanctuary is a success.

The Shangani Sanctuary will continue to be a success.

The Shangani Sanctuary has proven itself.

We now wish to grow the concept to include a larger land mass, more productive farmers and a vastly increased number and variety of indigenous flora and fauna. There is strength in numbers.

The Shangani Sanctuary is a vibrant, viable and attainable dream, already partway to reality.

We need your help to bring it to fruition.

Substantial investors will receive an immediate benefit for their participation – an annual 5 to 10 day flexible time share for two at Jabulani Safari Lodge that will include transport to and from the Bulawayo airport, full board and lodging, and participation in a supervised activity daily.