About Shangani Sanctuary

Once fenced, the Shangani Sanctuary will be 89,000 hectares of pristine Highveld bush in Zimbabwe’s Matabeleland Province where man and wildlife coexist in harmony.

We local isiNdebele people call Shangani “iKhaya”- “Our Home”.

We are men of the soil, ranchers and farmers, some commercial and some subsistence, totally reliant on the seasons and rainfall for our existence.

We have always tried to share our natural resources with the African wildlife, but in recent years it has become necessary to protect it against those who would wilfully destroy it.

We know that the wildlife is essential to our future survival, and therefore we have come together as a community determined to protect, preserve and proliferate it.

Hence the necessity for a game fence to keep the animals in and the poachers out.

Our dreams are simple – enough food to sustain our families, an education for our children, and a secure future.

A sustainable and substantial eco-tourism business will enable our children to continue to live here for many generations amongst the wildlife.

To succeed we know we must have total commitment, mutual respect for each other and the wildlife, and become economic viability.