The Benefactors


So far the Shangani Sanctuary has benefitted in numerous ways from the inputs by existing local benefactors who have kick-started the project into existence.

  • Pezulu Ranches is to be incorporated in its entirety into the Sanctuary.
  • Insiza Irrigation is to be incorporated in its entirety into the Sanctuary, which includes 2,000 pecan nut trees
  • Pezulu Pecans is an existing pecan growing concern with 16,000 trees already established. Eventually, Pezulu Pecans and the Shangani Sanctuary outgrowers will each have an equal number of 25,000 trees contributing to the industry.
  • Makovani Estates, belonging to Harold Schur, has 3,500 established pecan nut trees and another 6,500 in the pipeline. Makovani Estates also produce all the seedling stock for the Shangani Sanctuary outgrowers.
  • Pezulu Abattoir can presently handle up to 20 head per day, and the demand for beef is ongoing. Residents will benefit from the proximity of this facility to the Sanctuary.
  • Pezulu School is a primary school with boarding facilities, accommodating 80 students and 8 resident teachers. Donor funding will allow for increasing the numbers of students and upgrading of the school to senior school status to accommodate Shangani Sanctuary children.
  • Jabulani Safaris will open its boundaries and allow existing herds of plains game to enter into the Shangani Sanctuary, once the perimeter game fence is complete.
  • The Department of National Parks, Zimbabwe has officially endorsed the existence of the Shangani Sanctuary, and thus road access entry / exit points are controlled with boom gates.
  • Dedicated fencing teams: To minimize the donor finance required, Pezulu Ranches has established two dedicated teams of four men each:
    • A dedicated fencing team.
    • A dedicated concrete post manufacturing team

All labour required to erect the fence and manufacture the concrete posts is provided free of charge.

As of September 2018 these teams have completed over 50 kilometres of game fencing

The only cost to the Sanctuary for the fence is for the materials purchased.


Funding is required for a continuation of the Shangani Sanctuary into the future.

Initial funding will go into the completion of the 165 kilometre perimeter game-fence.

Secondary funding will assist with the establishment of the 5 new eco-camps within the Sanctuary

Tertiary funding will go into the purchase of plains game to increase herd numbers within the sanctuary and ensure an expanded gene pool.

Specific funding is required for the Pezulu School and hostel to increase numbers of pupils and expand from primary to secondary – high school – education.