About Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe gained its independence from Britain on 18th April 1980.

Robert Mugabe held the office of the Zimbabwean President from its inception in 1980 until November 2017 when he stood down.

Following his resignation, elections were held in August 2018, with  Emerson Mnangagwa being elected as the new President of Zimbabwe.

Whatever the political status of Zimbabwe is, we still live here. It is our home. We are a warm, friendly, peace loving people who have learned to become adaptable, facing our trials with smiles.

Whatever the politics, we strive to make our lives better.

Learning from the food and forex shortages in the past, future Zimbabwe governments will welcome farmers who produce food for the nation, businesses that earn foreign exchange, and schemes that empower the local communities.

The Shangani Sanctuary achieves all three goals, and as such we are encouraged to pursue our dream.

Our eco-tourism business focuses on local, foreign and regional tourists.

Our pecan nuts are exported.

Our beef is consumed locally, and sold in the supermarkets of the nearby cities of Bulawayo, Gweru and Harare.

Our crops of maize, millets, groundnuts, beans, sunflowers, potatoes and tomatoes are consumed locally or sold at the markets in the cities of Bulawayo, Gweru and Harare.

Our very presence as the Shangani Sanctuary assisting to feed the nation and earning valuable foreign currency will ensure our continued existence.

In addition, the small scale commercial farmers within the Sanctuary will be a model for future pecan nut outgrowing hubs, and for how they have collected together as a community to better themselves and live within an eco friendly environment.

We are confident that we can weather any political storms that may unexpectedly brew up in the future years, just as we have successfully weathered the storms since 1980.